Community Schools are regular schools with a special belief in, and emphasis on, the value of community involvement. They are one model of a Neighbourhood Learning Centre.

A Community School is open to everyone in the neighbourhood. It’s a neighbourhood hub where people can go to make new friends, develop and grow. It’s a place where children, students, staff, families, residents, agencies and local businesses come together to build a strong and caring community.

Each Community School is supported by a Community Council with broad local representation. The Council promotes the exchange of ideas, identifies local needs, and participates in solving issues of local concern. Each school also has a coordinator who facilitates and matches needs to available resources to improve the quality of life for everyone in the community.

Burnaby’s Community Schools are an integral part of the public education system. They are operated by the Burnaby Board of Education in partnership with the City of Burnaby, the Ministry of Education and local community residents.

A Community School has unique programming designed to meet the specific educational, recreational and social needs of the neighbourhood it serves.

Community Schools offer:

  • coordination of agency services for children and families
  • youth activities and leadership training
  • adult continuing education classes
  • support for new immigrant families
  • summer programs for all ages
  • celebrations, events and projects to connect the community
  • early learning programs for families (StrongStart Early Learning Centres, Preschools & child care)
  • volunteer opportunities

A Community School:

  • opens the school as a centre for community participation and services
  • maximizes the use of local public school facilities and develops the school as a community resource
  • develops, integrates and coordinates programs and services
  • fosters communication between school and community
  • enriches learning through formal and informal activities
  • empowers residents to address community concerns
  • creates a sense of community

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