Friends of Simon

Two Byrne Creek students, Esther and Jeanne, had the opportunity to spend the afternoon of September 25th, 2013 doing radio interviews promoting Byrne Creek’s partnership with Simon Fraser University for Rogers Youth Fund Day.  Both girls have participated in the Friends of Simon Program that brings SFU tutors two days a week to work with our students. The Friends of Simon is made possible because of the generous Rogers Youth Fund! It is a fantastic program that we value whole heartedly at Byrne Creek! For more information about the Friends of Simon check it out here.

The girls did a tour of Rogers Radio Vancouver, which you probably know as 96.9 Jack FM, News 1130 and SONiC 104.9. Here is a sneak peek at what they got to participate in during that day:


The Power of Social Media to Connect

There is much discussion about the negative power of social media, for a host of reasons. I will not argue, because all the negatives are possible. However, I have found that what exists as well, are a host of very positive reasons to engage and utilize social media platforms: for example, social media’s power to connect and build community. One example: A few months ago, I was reading through my Tweets and saw a post from the NFB (The National Film Board) saying something like, “Excited to start our animation workshops in Toronto and Montreal this morning.”

I quickly responded, “We’d love animation workshops in Vancouver too please :)”

And, guess what? The NFB replied, tracked us down and sent a crack team (Ashley and Claudia) from Montreal, to lead a Stop Motion Animation workshop at Byrne Creek for Valentine’s Day. How lucky are we?

As the Community School Coordinator at Byrne Creek, I no longer am a teacher with classes. Luckily one of our fabulous art teachers at Byrne agreed to participate! In Mrs. Mather’s art class Valentine’s Day 2013 a few exemplary NFB works such as Flawed were shown and then in teams the kids got down to work: creating a story board, inventing their claymation characters and beginning to create their animations. Our students used an App developed by the NFB called PixStop (which is free for all to use it) and, within a very fun hour and a half, stop motion animation pieces of their very own where ready to shared with you all. Enjoy!

Our students are more able to flourish, find their spark, find the excitement in learning, with partners like the NFB sharing their resources and expertise with us. Thank you NFB and to social media!


Byrne Creek’s Christmas Hamper Drive 2012

We are very proud of the work that our Student Government does! If you would like to contribute contact send the Community Room  a message! Happy Holidays everyone!


Byrne Passion

Last year with the help of the Passion Foundation and Loretta Cella, 16 of our Byrne Creek girls participated in the Passion Project leadership training series. As a part of these workshops a final community project or initiative is encouraged. The project is completely developed, created, and completed the youth who participate for their peers. It’s an opportunity for them to showcase their leadership skills, develop new skills, and give back in a lasting way.

This is the video that our Byrne Creek students created over the summer. Check it out here. This video highlights the negative voices girls have about themselves based on outside influences and what its like to Change the Tape.

The girls will continue with this program into the fall as they begin to develop Girl’s Leadership Workshops for our feeder elementary schools.


Byrne Creek Secondary School’s “I Am From Byrne Creek” Poem.

I didn’t record the whole speech….but this is the best part! I hope that you enjoy it!

This is a poem that students in Denise Ferreira’s English class wrote about what it means to be from Byrne Creek. This was a part of Mr. Rawnsley’s acceptance speech in Philadelphia this morning, March 25, 2012….where Byrne Creek was honored to receive the ASCD’s 2012 Vision in Action: The Whole Child Award.