Byrne Creek Students Help Build Community

Byrne Creek leaders change community

Byrne Creek leaders change community

We have so much to celebrate about our students at Byrne Creek!

Click here to read the article found in the Burnaby Newsleader posted November 5, 2014. 


Byrne Creek’s Grade 8 Art Student’s Community Murals Project

Anto Steko’s grade 8 Art students at Byrne Creek Secondary School, in partnership with the City of Burnaby created 10 4 X 4 murals that represent what community means to Byrne’s  students. They will be displayed along the Edmond’s Corridor while our lovely new Community center is being build. Go check them out!

What does community mean to you?


Connecting for the Future

I recently received a gift from Byrne Creek’s Parent Advisory Council (PAC) Chair Janet Reid. It is a gorgeous First Nations art piece that I love! It is called, The Parent Voice: Connecting for the Future.

I went to put the artwork up in my office the other day and noticed the artist’s interpretation of the painting. It was a moment where I realized that the painting is a perfect fit for the path that we have charted in developing our community school model here at Byrne Creek:

“The Parent Voice: Connecting for the Future design encapsulates the elements of sharing, connection, growth and leadership which also run parallel to the mutual understanding and desire to sustain and brace a well balanced and healthy future.

The Man and Woman symbolize the sharing of their words, wisdom and cultural teachings with love and respect. The Eagles symbolize power of Great Spirit, courage, freedom and the capacity of bridging worlds. The Salmon symbolize the power of instinct, determination, intuition and the ability to follow your vision. The Bears symbolize the power of strength, sweetness of truth, deliberation, conservation and healing.

When creating this design I wanted each animal to have a partner to represent how we should never stand alone. The practice of partnership is a leading model of personal and professional success. I hope the viewers of this design feel its meaning within themselves as it comes from a place of welcoming, love, respect, understanding and unity. May we continuously thank and honor our Parents, Elders, Role Models, and Caregivers for their wisdom and guidance as we continue our journey in a sustainable and well balanced future.

Jamin Zuroski is the artist of this treasure and the author of this narrative. On his bio Jamin is described as a person of First Nations, Polish, and Ukrainian descent.”