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Byrne Creek and the ASCD Whole Child Award

It has almost been a year since Byrne Creek found out that we won the ASCD’s 2012 Vision in Action: Whole Child Award.

We have had a fantastic year with many opportunities to share best practice and learn from others all over North America doing similar work helping to build healthier communities.

Talk a look at the ASCD movie that was released to feature the work done at  Byrne Creek!


The Whole Child Blog Features the Poem, “I am Byrne Creek.”

Have you read the “I am Byrne Creek” Poem yet? What are you waiting for?


Byrne Creek Secondary School’s “I Am From Byrne Creek” Poem.

I didn’t record the whole speech….but this is the best part! I hope that you enjoy it!

This is a poem that students in Denise Ferreira’s English class wrote about what it means to be from Byrne Creek. This was a part of Mr. Rawnsley’s acceptance speech in Philadelphia this morning, March 25, 2012….where Byrne Creek was honored to receive the ASCD’s 2012 Vision in Action: The Whole Child Award.