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Hello world!

Welcome to the Community Room! My name is Iha Farquhar and I am Byrne Creek Secondary’s Community School Coordinator. I will be the lead writer for this Blog. Although from time to time, guest bloggers will join me. If you are interested in guest blogging please let me know.

I’ll start my first Blog with a super speedy introduction to me.

My passion is positive community building! I believe that there is no work more important than creating healthy, abundant communities where each child has the opportunity to grow up safe, loved, and well educated.

I am an experienced teacher and educational consultant with over thirteen years experience working with diverse community partners in developing and implementing school curriculum and community programs in BC, Quebec and Bermuda. I am also a Masters of Arts in Leadership graduate.

So…that’s the professional me. There is also the person-me. I volunteer for a few things: I’m a board member for a non-profit called ArtQuake and I am a program coordinator for Girl Trip, a Stratosphere and Passion Foundation initiative.

I enjoy everything to do with the water: swimming, sailing, kayaking. And…I grew up on a farm with a big family in Langley, BC. I love learning new things. Right now, I am learning the guitar, I just registered in a Curling league and I am learning to cook healthy gluten free foods. So, that is me in a nutshell.

My intention in creating this Blog is to provide a glimpse into what is happening on our journey towards full Community School status here at Byrne Creek and…to gather as much wisdom from you the readers, as I can. I may Blog about challenges, lessons learned, ideas that I would like feedback on, to celebrate, or to share information.

The Byrne Creek community and I are at the start of a very exciting ten months of connecting, experimenting, reflecting and learning. I invite you to join us and join in…along the way.