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Byrne Creek and the ASCD Whole Child Award

It has almost been a year since Byrne Creek found out that we won the ASCD’s 2012 Vision in Action: Whole Child Award.

We have had a fantastic year with many opportunities to share best practice and learn from others all over North America doing similar work helping to build healthier communities.

Talk a look at the ASCD movie that was released to feature the work done at  Byrne Creek!


Thank you Niomie for submitting Byrne Creek’s first guest blog!

“Adopting a big picture approach to education, Byrne Creek serves as a catalyst fostering mastery, independence, generosity, and belonging, for children, families, and the community at large, ensuring the health of not only the children, but also the larger ‘village’ that is raising them.” Niomie Gregory Niomie Gregory’s BCSS Student Teacher Guest Blog