Places to start for funding and/or help starting your Breakfast or Lunch program in Burnaby include:

  1. Applying to use some of your school’s PAC Gaming Fund is a good place to start.
  2. The Vancouver Sun Adopt a School Fund has many opportunities for schools demonstrating need.
  3. Breakfast For Learning is an organization that supports breakfast programs across Canada. The BC Coordinator is fantastic!
  4. The Tzu Chi Foundation is a very generous organization that both donates money and time as volunteers to prepare and serve breakfast for 1 or 2 days a week in several Burnaby schools.
  5. The Burnaby Firefighters are very generous and help provide snacks (granola bars) and cereal to several Burnaby schools that demonstrate need. Contact Jeff Clark for more information at
  6. COBs Bread will donate their day old bread to organizations and schools that demonstrate need. When we started the breakfast program at Byrne in September 2011 we only had the COBs donation to start serving breakfast with. You must contact the store manager and start the process.

At Byrne Creek we started very small and have built up the breakfast program depending on funding and infrastructure. What does Byrne’s Breakfast Program look like?

  • One EA (with Food Safe) cooks and serves breakfast each morning. The Learning Department has kindly agreed to allow this EA to start early and finish early each do so that she is able to carry out this much-needed service.
  • Two work experience students mentored and accompanied at the beginning by their EA takes the list that the Breakfast Club EA provides and goes shopping each week for supplies needed. As well, the Breakfast Club EA will occasionally do a big supplies shop.
  • The Community Room provides grocery gift cards and bus tickets to the work experience students and then processes the receipts once the student has returned.
  • The Community Room coordinates the COBs bread pick up volunteers for the year which is an equal number of teachers and parents.
  • Further work experience students process the bread (cut it) for breakfast Club and clean the bins so that they are ready to go for the following weeks pick up.
  • Byrne offers Food Safe training once a year to parents that are interested in volunteering in our breakfast program or starting one at one of our community’s elementary schools.
  • Byrne Creek serves 50 students for the Breakfast Program.

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