The Fraser Health Dental Program is set up to help families connect to the correct services so that kids and youth have healthy teeth. There are two numbers depending on the city that you live in: Burnaby or New Westminster.

  1. Fraser Health’s Dental Program, Burnaby
    • Fraser Health Authority General Dental Inquiries #604-918-7605
    • Trisha Creed or Jacquelyn #604-918-7532
  2. Fraser Health’s Dental Program, New Westminster
    • Karen Vey #604-949-7200

The first question that Dental Program staff will ask clients: Do you have a valid Premium Assistance or a CareCard?

If not they may help families apply or connect with the proper services to set this up or families may need to seek out other help to complete these applications.

The Healthy Kids Brochure is a fantastic resource. I suggest that you take a look. However, the summary for the dental component is:

  • Youth with financial need are eligible up the month of their 19th Birthday.
  • They are eligible for $1400.00 coverage for dental work over a 2-year period.
  • If there is a dental emergency the dentist could request further support when needed.

If families would like to search for their own dentist without the assistance of Fraser Health’s Dental Program assistants there is the BC Dental Association website which has a link to help find a dentist in each area of the province. Note: When finding a dentist ask the following questions:

  1. Do you accept Healthy Kid Program Patients?
  2. Do you charge an extra fee for this service (Most Dentists do not change a fee)?

If a dentist does not accept Healthy Kid Program patients or charges a fee for service for Healthy Kids patients keep searching for another dentist.


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