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The Road to Community School Status and Beyond

Please take a look at the Prezi that was created for our staff meeting. This is a brief lesson on what a community school is and what our overarching goals have been for the pilot at Byrne over the past 3 years. The questions at the end are meant to generate thought about our next steps and the focus or overarching goals that we will pursue over the next year.

When you scan the questions are there a few that catch your eye as most important? I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the months to come.


Byrne Creek Students Help Build Community

Byrne Creek leaders change community

Byrne Creek leaders change community

We have so much to celebrate about our students at Byrne Creek!

Click here to read the article found in the Burnaby Newsleader posted November 5, 2014. 

Guest Blog by Michael Yang: Community in not a Word-but a Story

Written by Michael Yang UBC Teacher Candidate placed at Byrne Creek for a 3 week Community Field Experience. What does community look like in a school? In my enriching and all-too short 3 weeks at Byrne Creek, I stepped into something that I am still trying to make sense of. I was able to witness

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Partners in Education

My name is Mrs. Iha Hayer and I am the Byrne Creek Community Room main blogger. A little about me: I have been an educator for the past 15 years and I love my career! I have been very fortunate to have worked in diverse communities throughout the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Quebec

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The Magic of Community Programming


We are so proud of our students’ leadership successes! They have an article glowing about their deeds in the Burnaby Now! Link to the Burnaby Now article. The magic of community programming is what happens a few years down the line…when kids that once partook in programming are now leading that programming and acting as shining examples of healthy members of a community!


BASES Thrift Store Gets Good Press

Byrne Creek is very proud to be connected with this social venture initiative.

Take a look at why here.

BASES Thrift Store Pic



The Southeast Burnaby community is culturally rich and diverse with more than 67 countries represented. Our goal is to provide funding to the six schools in that community for programs and activities for at-risk children and families, such as breakfast programs, after-school programs, summer camp, music, sports, and arts programs. Canada will be a better place when children and families who are underserved receive opportunities that are assumed by most Canadians.

The BASES team has been busy this summer! It received Charity Status and started to work on opening their Social Entrepreneur Branch. Thanks to many dedicated community minded folk….the Thrift Store is scheduled to open October 15, 2013. Read more about BASES Thrift Store here.

This thrift store will provide revenue for school programs as well as a wonderful place to gain work experience for many students and adults in our community.



Our Garden is Growing!

Please take a look at our Garden Pilot Project at Byrne. Our little demonstration garden is growing and we are excited about all the possibilities that this garden holds. This will be a club. for credit course for students…as well as when expanded an opportunity to grow and share food with our families and greater community.

Take a look and let us know if you would like to get involved! Click here to a link the Healthy HEART Community Garden webpage.


Vision on Action: The ASCD Whole Child Award-A Retrospective

We presented as a part of the Whole Child Virtual Conference May 8, 2013. It was an interesting discussion about what is working well in the schools that have won this award and a chance to share our what we have all learned throughout this journey. Take a look at our virtual conference titled: Vision in Action: The ASCD Whole Child Award—A Retrospective.


The Power of Social Media to Connect

There is much discussion about the negative power of social media, for a host of reasons. I will not argue, because all the negatives are possible. However, I have found that what exists as well, are a host of very positive reasons to engage and utilize social media platforms: for example, social media’s power to connect and build community. One example: A few months ago, I was reading through my Tweets and saw a post from the NFB (The National Film Board) saying something like, “Excited to start our animation workshops in Toronto and Montreal this morning.”

I quickly responded, “We’d love animation workshops in Vancouver too please :)”

And, guess what? The NFB replied, tracked us down and sent a crack team (Ashley and Claudia) from Montreal, to lead a Stop Motion Animation workshop at Byrne Creek for Valentine’s Day. How lucky are we?

As the Community School Coordinator at Byrne Creek, I no longer am a teacher with classes. Luckily one of our fabulous art teachers at Byrne agreed to participate! In Mrs. Mather’s art class Valentine’s Day 2013 a few exemplary NFB works such as Flawed were shown and then in teams the kids got down to work: creating a story board, inventing their claymation characters and beginning to create their animations. Our students used an App developed by the NFB called PixStop (which is free for all to use it) and, within a very fun hour and a half, stop motion animation pieces of their very own where ready to shared with you all. Enjoy!

Our students are more able to flourish, find their spark, find the excitement in learning, with partners like the NFB sharing their resources and expertise with us. Thank you NFB and to social media!