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Vision on Action: The ASCD Whole Child Award-A Retrospective

We presented as a part of the Whole Child Virtual Conference May 8, 2013. It was an interesting discussion about what is working well in the schools that have won this award and a chance to share our what we have all learned throughout this journey. Take a look at our virtual conference titled: Vision in Action: The ASCD Whole Child Award—A Retrospective.


A Friend From Philidelphia Came For a Visit

This is a blog written about Byrne Creek last year after a team from Byrne went to accept the ASCD Whole Child: Vision in Action award in Philadelphia. Check it out. The author Diana Laufenberg offered our team a tour of her school the Science Learning Academy, which is a project based learning charter school in Philadelphia that holds inquiry based learning at it’s heart. Today Diana came to Byrne Creek for a visit.

Diana’s visit was a rare and welcome opportunity to reflect, share best practice, talk, think, share and observe our school in action through the eyes of a guest educator. This sort of opportunity is powerful. I wish that all of our Byrne Creek teachers could have had the opportunity to tour the school with Diana today!

It allowed me the chance to pause for a few hours and reflect on what we are doing very well at Byrne Creek (building attachment and strong relationship throughout our system and adapting our programs to meet the needs of our diverse learners) and to dream ahead to what is possible in the future for Byrne Creek and the educational system in BC in general. Thank you for stopping by Dianna! We hope to see you again soon.


Byrne Creek Blogging Extraordinaires!

The ASCD Whole Child Blog features several blogs from our Byrne Creek Community over the past month. Take a look at this blog by Ms. Erickson and Ms. Lauzon, There May Not Be an App for That.…and then scroll down and see what other Byrne Creek blogs that you can fund! They are all fantastic! For example, how about reading this blog from our LEO Club called The Byrne Creek LEO Club: Leadership, Experience, and Opportunity?


The Whole Child Blog Features the Poem, “I am Byrne Creek.”

Have you read the “I am Byrne Creek” Poem yet? What are you waiting for?


ASCD: The Whole Child Blog Podcast

The April 16, 2012 ASCD Whole Child Blog: Coordinated and Collaborative Responses to Diverse Student Needs features a podcast from Byrne Creek. This podcast kicks off the next year of blogging opportunities for Byrne Creek and the Burnaby School District. if you are interested in blogging for the ASCD Blog contact Iha Farquhar in the Community Room at Byrne Creek!

Check out the Podcast and hear what is happening at Byrne Creek!


Byrne Creek Secondary School’s “I Am From Byrne Creek” Poem.

I didn’t record the whole speech….but this is the best part! I hope that you enjoy it!

This is a poem that students in Denise Ferreira’s English class wrote about what it means to be from Byrne Creek. This was a part of Mr. Rawnsley’s acceptance speech in Philadelphia this morning, March 25, 2012….where Byrne Creek was honored to receive the ASCD’s 2012 Vision in Action: The Whole Child Award.


There is so much to be proud about for our Byrne Creek community!

Listen to Byrne Creek’s Principal David Rawnsley in his interview March 15, 2012 with CBC Radio One about winning the ASCD Whole Child Award: CBC radio one-Whole Child Award 1

Way to go Mr. Rawnsley! You made us all proud!