After School Program Check In: Check It Out And Get Involved!

Hello Byrne Creek Community and friends!

How are you all?

This is a quick note to outline the After-School Programs, Events and Activities currently under way at Byrne Creek.  If anything sounds interesting to you, come and see Liz McKay or I (Iha Farquhar in the Community Room) and we will get you involved.


Friends of Simon – Simon Fraser University students tutoring for ESL students. Students will receive homework help focused on literacy, numeracy and games  – snacks included.  This program meets Mondays and Wednesdays 3-5PM.

My Circle – This is a multicultural youth leadership circle program offered to new immigrant and refugee youth at Byrne Creek by Immigrant Services BC.  This group meets every Monday from 3-5PM.  Come and ask Iha in the Community Room if you are interested in learning more.

Next Step – Frontier College offers this leadership program for Byrne Creek students interested in finding out the steps that they need to take their journey to post-secondary, college or trades school.  If you are interested in getting some extra help writing scholarships, or bursaries, applying for university or finding work study placements this would be a fantastic option for you!  Come and check it out any Monday from 3-5PM in the Community Room.

Bike Program – PEDAL, which stands for Pedal Energy Development Alternatives, runs Byrne’s Bike Program. If you want to fix your bike, build a new bike from parts, or just learn about bike maintenance come out and check it out every Tuesday in the Metal Work room from 3-5PM.

SCRAP – This is a mentor circle program.  The objective is to create a recycling program/mentorship social entrepreneur business where students learn to re-use, create, connect and earn money and then share this program with our community’s Elementary schools. Tuesdays from 3-5:30PM.  Please come and talk to Iha if you are interested in learning more and join.

Thank yous to our Edmonds Community School’s Rec and Read volunteers!  Our 17 Byrne Creek students volunteered and were trained to mentor grade 2-3 students at Edmonds. You made a big difference in the life of your mentee!

Justice High – March 3, 2012 Byrne Creek hosted a Capilano Global Stewardship Conference that presented mini-workshops to educate and help students develop ways to meet Millennium Development Goals set out by the United Nations.  Thanks to all Byrne Creekers for making it a big success!  Look out for this event to return to Byrne next year.

KRIB Youth Centre – Youth Drop-In in the Little Gym at Byrne Creek has continued to be a fun option for Byrne Creek students and their friends, at the school from 7-9PM.

ROCK Music Program (Reaching Out Connecting Kids) – If you would like to learn how to play an instrument, practice your Rock and Hip Hop skills, and use your leadership skills to support Grade 6-7 students at Morley Elementary school come and chat with Iha in the Community Room…because we have just the right position for you!


Girl’s Leadership – the Passion Foundation will be starting a Girl’s Leadership group every Thursday starting April 26, 2012.  This is a very exciting opportunity for girls at our school!  The director of the Passion Foundation will be involving all girls that participate in her tour around the world collecting the stories of inspiring women leaders.  For more information about her trip check out her blog: If you are interested in these after-school programs please talk to Iha in the Community Room.

Scrabble Tournament – Frontier College will be holding a Scrabble Tournament on April 14, 2012 (12-4PM) for 10$ at Byrne Creek.  Come out and get your Scrabble on!

Tae-Kwon-Do – We will be starting a club, free of charge for Byrne Creek students, in late April.  Come and put your name on the registration list if you are interested in participating.

Continuing Education – will be hosting a Make Up workshop April 20, from 3-5:30, dinner included for $5. If you are interested in working in the entertainment industry, or in the beauty industry, this might be a fun option for you!

Iha Farquhar 🙂


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