Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday October 6, 2011, Byrne Creek’s Leo’s (A Lions Club of Canada sponsored youth leadership club) hosted a Thanksgiving dinner for 300 newly arrived immigrant, refugee and international students and their families in our school’s atrium. The Leo’s gave an explanation of the origins and basics of what Thanksgiving was all about and we ate a fantastic Turkey dinner (including Halal Turkey). Our foods and catering program students prepared the turkeys and all the trimmings. I don’t know how they did it! But, it was delicious!

What a fun night! The feeling of community abounded.

My favorite moment…at one point during the entertainment one student was beat-boxing on stage (that is like drumming with your mouth into a mic for any of you that are my age and might not have known what that was) and the mascots (a bulldog, a lion and a turkey) were dancing to the beat. Suddenly the giant inflatable turkey on the side of the stage started to deflate. One of the very little sisters accidentally pulled the plug playing beside the stage. The very professional performers continued to dance as the giant turkey was reconnected and re-inflated as the atrium cheered! Good team work Leo’s!

Looking around it was clear that Byrne Creek has such a diverse amazing community already! Our goal is to develop into the kind of Community School where our school’s families come together more often…to share, learn and visit!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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